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The Process begins with a free, no-obligation consultation. We ask a lot of questions, and then we listen carefully as you describe your objectives and intended usage of your basement space. We then offer suggestions and ideas - and present possibilities for you to consider. We believe that a good design results from a collaborative effort between designer, builder and client. We then offer three options with regard to pricing your project:

A - We can give you a "ballpark" or budget figure based on our discussion with you to give you an idea of the anticipated investment to design and build your basement.

B - We can provide a detailed quotation based on a plan or design that you provide to us.

C - Being a design-build contractor, we offer in-house design services. For a modest fee we will have our design consultant meet with you, take careful measurements and prepare detailed drawings of your existing basement, as well as a proposed new floor plan. Should you choose to have us do the work, the fee is fully credited to your contract price. Either way, the plan is yours to keep.


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